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Wind Power Cost

Wind Power Cost

Well you can spend as much as you want! There are many variables. The very first thing that you will want to do is check your local restrictions. Many areas have height restrictions and some even have amount of property that it will be on. For instance, where I live you must have 5 acres to have a wind turbine to produce your own electricity. Of course that would be for a huge tower to power my entire house. I would be allowed to have a small wind power turbine.


So the next thing that you must ask yourself is about your skill level and how much you want to save.

I have seen do it yourselfers put up 20 foot towers and power everything. I have seen small turbines that just provide enough electricity to run a shop. And that was in a very small yard!

So if you have plenty of property and money, you could hire someone to come in and erect a wind turbine tower for you.The cost of wind power at this level would be very expensive.A few thousand dollars.  I have seen systems up to $200,000.00. Of course that would be a commercial size system. At this level you will want to do a lot of math. I would recommend getting a professional involved. You would need to check the payback time. In other words how long would it take to pay for the system in savings. And do not forget to check for tax incentives and/or rebates. Most areas have incentives for renewable energy projects.

So if you are a do it yourselfer and have some time, you can probably put a system together for around $200.00 or less. Will it power your whole house? Probably not. But you could save up to 80% on your energy bill!

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Reducing My Energy Consumption: What and Who?

Reducing My Energy Consumption: What and Who?

I ended up going with All in the Family Heating and Air. They are a small company right here in Laurel, DE. There are 2 employees who also happen to be the owners, Jere and Hollie Marvel. Down to earth and honest people who tell it like it is. No games, just what is best for the customer! Their shop is right at their house so their overhead is very low. This is how they can afford to do it for less.jhul

Jere recommended a Bryant Evolution series 16.5 seer heat pump. And a pair of Rinnai tankless water heaters for the domestic hot water and the heat pump backup (and to heat my small shop).

The Evolution Series control is amazing. It tells you the inside, outside, and requested temperature all at once. There are many ways to set it to reduce energy consumption. It alerts you if there is a problem, or the unit requires service. And it is very quiet. This was important to my wife as her office is right next to the outdoor unit.

Reducing My Energy Consumption: What Do I Think So Far?

Well, Jere and Hollie have basically the same system that I have. They have 2 teens living at home. I have just my wife and myself. So I suspect that I my energy consumption will be less than theirs. I was getting 4 deliveries of gas a year. They are getting less than one. That should save me around $80 – $90 per month. The bad thing is that with reduced energy consumption, comes higher prices per gallon. Seems like no one wants a customer who doesn’t use much gas!

I have been checking my electric meter for the last 4 days. We have had a couple of nice days and a couple of VERY cold days. So it should be a good indicator.So last March I averaged 90 KWH per day. And for this first check I averaged 56 KWH. WOW! I really think that I am going to like this.

Reducing My Energy Consumption: The Bottom Line

I had saved a little bit of money because I knew that this project needed to happen. I also got a couple of checks from my credit card company offering me interest free money for a year. That came at a good time and I took advantage of it. Thank you Discover! I think that the money I save in reduced energy consumption will cover the payments. So I will definitely see a payback on this project in just a few years.

But there are also other advantages besides reduced energy consumption. I have and endless supply of hotter water that is only made if I “call” for it. The air from this new system feels warmer at the same setting. The new system is quieter than the old. I have a lot of additional storage space in the “boiler room”. Both Rinnais are mounted on the wall so the floor is empty. Used to be a big old boiler and a huge water tank.

My advice to you? If you have an old inefficient system start checking out the new systems that can reduce your energy consumption. And remember what Jere said. “You can pay now, or you can pay later”!

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The significant growth of Mumbai Property

The significant growth of Mumbai Property

In the last ten years India has shown a rapid growth in the industry of Information Technology. This large growth in IT Sector has led to local industrial growth as many companies are trying to invest in India. However you will find an industry which has benefited from this significant growth knowing that industry is the real estate market of India as interest in increasingly more office space along with other real estate investments continues to be on climb in the country.


To meet the demand, property contractors in India are building industrial, commercial, and residential space in the large metropolitan cities of India. This interest in property tends to make a city like Mumbai become one of the most coveted places for residential and commercial activities. Many people are trying to reside in this city on the lookout for better job, which has ended in excessive demand for housing in Mumbai.

The increasing demand for property in Mumbai is actually higher since it is the financial capital of country and Bollywood film industry is also located in Mumbai. Many people want to live here. Many people also want to reside here in hope of decent career and some also spend a couple of days here. You can find real estate agents are trying to help those who want to buy Mumbai property. Such agencies provide several services to their clients along with selling, buying, renting-in, or renting-out. With the intention to grow their business some real estate agents offer their services online. If you planning to invest in commercial property for sale in Mumbai or even buy residential properties then you should check out to the website of real estate agencies for property in Mumbai and you will find the best price for you.