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Equipment All Pool Owners Need

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Maintaining your pool is impossible without the proper equipment to keep it up and running. You need materials to keep your pool clean and to check your water’s chemical balance. There are many things that you need to keep your pool in the best shape possible. Some are big and some are small but all are important.


In order to maintain your pool’s peak condition and keep it looking nice you will need a number of accessories that will assist you in doing the job. Before building or purchasing a house with a pool you probably grabbed the majority of these items. They are pretty basic and easy to use. They will need replacement every so often so be sure to replace them when needed. Always have a pool pole, vacuum head and hose, leaf rake and brush handy. Place them in the shed for regular use. If your items start breaking or stop working properly it is probably time for an upgrade.

Purchase a Pool Opening Kit for all of your chemical needs. Perfect for new pool owners this kit will teach you exactly what you need. The majority of them come with Algaecide, Clarifier, Shock and Stain Remover, and an absorbent sponge to attract oils. If you have a green pool order several extra bags of pool shock.

Testing your pool’s chemical levels regularly is important. Make sure to have a quality Taylor Test Kit on hand at all times and to replace them every season. Cold weather does change the chemical structure and this will result in poor results. The better the quality the more precise the results.

The Wet-Dry Vac is an important piece of equipment all pool owners should have handy. It is not a critical need but it will make your job far easier. You will use it to clear leaves and debris from your pool heater. It comes in handy for hard to reach places.

In order to circulate the water in your pool you will need a pump. Without a pump dirt, algae and bacteria will collect in your water and pool will become stagnant. This is unsafe and unhygienic. Your pump works with an electric motor that spins an impeller inside the pump housing. It drives the water from the various drains through the filter.

Your pool can not be without a filter. It is one of the most essential components to pool ownership. Pools are subject to constant contamination thanks to people and the environment around the pool. The filter is the system that is responsible for removing the debris from your pool.

Big and small these is just some of the equipment that could make you a better pool owner. Taking great care of your pool is important and with the help of filters and pumps that work perfectly and equipment that is easy to use to skim the debris from the surface you can have a clean and beautiful look that is aesthetically pleasing to yourself and your guests.

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Authentic Plaster and tile was founded by Diane Pierce and her family 35 years ago in Texas. Their specialty ranges from simple remodels with pool surface, tile, coping to complete pool remodeling in Houston by adding tan ledge, benches, water features and more. Also their own developed and manufactured pool surface material, Hydra Products, is warranted in-house and gives not only material warranty but also labor.

Swimming Pool Renovations FAQ

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For many people, the thought of renovating their swimming pool can seem like a daunting task. This is because there are so many options available to them that they often don’t know where to start. This article will give you tips and pointers regarding some of the most common questions that people ask when they want to renovate their swimming pool. These are in no way intended to be professional advice, so if you are in doubt, it is important to seek professional advice.


How Much will it Cost to Renovate my Pool?

There are unfortunately no definite answers to this question. It all depends on how much renovation you would like to do to your pool, the size of your pool and the type of finish that you choose for the inside of your pool. Basic renovations such as crack repair or replacement of a few chipped tiles will cost substantially less than resurfacing the entire pool. The cost will also depend on whether you would like to add additional features like underwater lighting or decking around your pool. Any reputable pool renovator will be happy to provide you with a quotation before any work begins.

What is the Difference between Plastering my Pool and Tiling it?

Plastering your pool is normally quite a bit cheaper than tiling it. The downside though, is that plaster often doesn’t last as long as tiles because of the fact that chlorine and other chemicals found in water eat away at the plaster faster than they are able to damage tiles. When a pool is plastered, it also has to be painted with a high quality paint that is water and chemical resistant. With tiling, you also have the choice of having more vibrant colours in your pool. By using tiles, you not only have the option to completely personalize your swimming pool, but you will also ensure that your pool finish is a lot more durable than if it was merely plastered and painted.

Will I Receive a Guarantee for Renovations Done on my Pool?

No matter what renovation work you have done on your pool, you should always receive a guarantee from the contractor. It is always important to enquire about the guarantee period prior to the commencement of work, so that you can approach a more reputable contractor if the current one is unwilling to provide you with any form of guarantee for the work he is doing. You should never use a contractor who is unwilling to provide any form of guarantee.

When doing pool renovations, it is important to do as much research as possible before making any decisions. By getting referrals from friends and family who are happy with their pools, you can be sure that you will also be happy with yours after the renovations have been completed. It is also important to remember that getting the cheapest price should not always be the most important consideration, because it may also result in the cheapest quality job being done as well.

Swimming Pool Renovation Ideas

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While many people think that replacing their pool is the only solution they have when it becomes outdated or needs repairs, this is simply not true. There are many ways that swimming pools can be renovated in order to give them an updated appearance and ensure that they provide you with many years of trouble-free use. Renovation ideas for swimming pools can be something as simple as adding underwater lights to changing the shape of your pool.


Add Underwater Lighting to Your Pool

These days, many people enjoy an evening swim. By adding lighting to your pool and pool area, you will be able to enjoy a late night swim without having to worry about not being able to see what you are doing. Installing lighting in and around your pool area will also enhance the appearance of your pool and yard. For those who are eager to go green with their pool lighting, LED lights can be installed instead of traditional pool lights. All lights which are installed underwater or close to a pool have to be completely enclosed and waterproof. Because lighting involves electricity, it is always important to ensure that a qualified electrician installs any lights in or around your pool.

Change the Shape of Your Pool

While some people would like to extend the size of their pool, others merely want to change the shape of their pool when it becomes outdated. While both of these options are entirely possible, they can be costly. If you want to change the shape or size of your pool, it is best to have these renovations done out of season because they can take quite a while to complete. Before undertaking renovations of this nature, it is advisable to ensure that you obtain the appropriate building plans and permission from your local council or government before proceeding because building regulations regarding swimming pools may vary from state to state.

Updating Pool Tiles or Pavers

Many people are happy with the shape of their pool, but want to replace pool tiles and pavers when they become cracked, chipped or outdated. By changing these items, it can give your pool a fresh and modern appearance at a fraction of the cost of a new pool. When replacing pavers around your pool, it is important to choose pavers with a slightly rough surface to help prevent slips and falls around the pool when they are wet. Tiles used in the pool should be able to withstand long term exposure to water and chemicals without pitting or loosening from the pool surface.

There are many ways in which pools can be renovated that will ensure many years of trouble-free use. When you decide to renovate your pool, it is recommended that you make use of registered and reputable contractors. The best way to find a reliable contractor is normally via word of mouth. This will ensure that your pool receives quality workmanship as well as an appropriate guarantee for work which has been done.

Think Outside the Box to Accommodate the Special Needs Gardener

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As people age it is important to help them maintain the level of activity they have enjoyed throughout their adult lives.  For some, this means making adjustments so old hobbies can still be enjoyed within the limits and range they can handle.  Just as Baby Boomers have totally changed each stage of life they’ve passed through, so too, with a simple activity like gardening.  To them, you shouldn’t let disability, accident or age keep you from feeling the dirt between your fingers.  Here are a few ways to accommodate:

Raised beds –  These can be very attractive and offer advantages to bending over or getting on the ground to plant and tend to a garden.  Built at a height of 18-24 inches off the ground, raised beds offer easy access to those who want to garden while seated.  Digging, and weeding will be easier to do and you can maneuver readily when it’s time to harvest all the fresh vegetables that your efforts yield.

Spacious Pathways –To allow for wheelchairs, you want the pathways between planters to be at least 4 feet wide.  This will allow for easy maneuvering between the rows and access to those little sprouts in the middle.

Standing Planters –  Allow the gardener to reach deep into the middle to pull those pesky weeds out of the way.  These planters are a good choice if your gardener has trouble bending over and wants easy access to all sides of the bed.

Organic Design – A U-shaped or octagon raised bed will be easier to negotiate for those in a wheelchair.  Order lightweight wood blocks designed especially for raised beds, and they can help build the boxes as well.  Ask your local gardening center for advice on the type of product to use.  There are synthetic wood blocks that would be perfect for this project. Being thoughtful about the design will get them outside and back in the dirt the love.

And when it’s time to serve the bounty, Ann Taylor offers all the looks you’ll love. Whether is the shorts, tanks and tees you’ll feel good in while you garden, or the pretty party clothes that will look smashing when you finally set the table at the end of the harvest.  Get shopping with Groupon for great deals on Ann Taylor, then get out in the yard and have some fun.

How to choose Landscaping Services

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Landscaping services are available near good sized towns and often serve many rural locations as well. The consumer can expect the landscaping service to provide ongoing services such as mowing and snow removal in the winter.  For others landscaping service may be used only for spring cleanups or fall winterization projects. There are a wide variety of choices to suit the needs of large and small yards and gardens. Both the private consumer and the business customer can make good use of landscape services.


A landscape architect would be part of landscaping services, and would help plan how to best plant an attractive and healthy yard.

Call upon this landscaping professional to select trees and shrubs that are good growing companions. This type of expert service will help select attractive and easy care ground covers, perennials and annuals to allow the surroundings to modify your home. Others involved in landscape services would be the persons who actually do the physical work of maintaining an attractive landscape.

Commercial buildings and businesses use landscape services. The advantage of landscape services is that it allows the business to concentrate on what it does best, whether banking, housing or selling things, all the while having a comfortable and attractive environment. Landscaping services represent a good investment for the image of a business and can make a difference in the type of customers that are attracted to the business.

Landscaping services are useful year around. They do maintenance, and labor on yards, walkways and gardens. They also can provide a decorative touch to a home or business with seasonal displays of growing plants.  Landscaping is a good career for an artistic person who loves the outdoors and enjoys being able to see the product of their labor, and share it with all who come around.

Check online directories, phone directories and business directories for  reputable landscaping services in your area.