Compact Table Saw – right for your shop

bv78If your dream has always been to own a professional enclosed base shop saw like the ones from powermatic or delta, but somehow you have never managed to build a shop that would actually do justice to one, there is no real need to fear. These days, almost all of the work you would do with a big heavy saw like that you can do with one of the name brand portable contractor table saws available on the market today.

table saw with splitterThough they may not offer the kind of stability that makes for ultimate comfort when throwing a full sheet of plywood or mdf up on the saw to cut up, in nearly every other sense they are more than able to just keep up with their planted in place counterparts. The fences are good, the power is there, and with just a little creativity, the pieces can be put in place that will allow you to do almost everything you could with a full fledged cabinet saw.

The plus side, of course is that they wont’ take up nearly as much space in your shop as a permanent saw would, they can be rolled out of the way, and in many cases, folded up and put away if your shop is, like so many, doubling duty as a garage most of the time.

In addition, a good jobsite saw can be taken on the road should the need arise. That’s what they are made for after all. Many of the best come with stands that act as dollies as well for hauling them around. Those stands are designed to take up as little room as possible for when they are being hauled or when they are being stored.

On the job site there will be minimum stands and what not used for cutting operations, but when they get home they can be set up with roller stands and table extensions and outfeed and side tables to make them as stable as possible when handling projects in your one man shoperation. With one of these saws as a centerpiece of your home shop, you will be able to put together pieces that will make many of your compatriots wonder where you are hiding that cabinet shop you must have in order to put out such exceptional work.

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