Gardening equipment and supplies

Of course you can have a garden without investing in a lot of equipment, but when you have a chance, various products can make for an even better growing experience.

Gardening equipment can be something as small as a hand trowel or a three tined hand rake or fork. Your gloves that you wear as you work in the soil are also essential equipment. They are essential not just for keeping your hands clean but also for keeping splinters and other sharp things from hurting your hands.


Your lawn mowers, weed eaters, edgers and trimmers are some of the larger, powered gardening equipment. Rototillers are great to own for breaking and turning the soil. You can choose front or rear tined tillers and there are even small versions that fit between planted rows. They are real back savers  when it comes to keeping down weeds in the garden.

There are many places to buy gardening equipment and supplies. The local discount store generally sells them in the spring.  Large hardware and home stores have a greater variety and they tend to carry gardening equipment year round. Look for snow blowers for instance, for winter garden and home needs. Well known department stores will have hardware departments that carry gardening equipment.

Do not forget that garden centers carry gardening equipment year round and can order what one needs if it is not in stock. In both very cold and very warm seasons it is good to check out the new gardening equipment to see what is available. There may be a tool that makes your experience easier or an ornament that makes your garden more beautiful. Gardening equipment is part of maintaining a home and yard.  The gardener relies on pruners, and trimmers, saws and hatchets. Remember to buy good quality hoses and sprinklers as well. Gardening equipment is a part of every household.

One of the most important things to consider when spending time in your garden is security and privacy. Tall fence panels can ensure that your garden is not overlooked, with no neighbours or passers by being able to look into your shed or home.

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