How to save money with My Energy Bill


When my friend told me to look at, I really wasn’t sure why at first. It did not take me long to figure it out though. I had been talking to her about trying to lower my bills ever since my hours at work got cut, and she has been helping me out with tips here and there. I had no idea that changing energy companies could help me lower my bills though. The site that she sent me to is very comprehensive when it comes to explaining the different options that Texans have.

We are lucky in that we get to choose our own provider of energy. A lot of people in the country only have one choice, but it is not regulated here that way. We are able to choose from a number of different companies, and that is where this website comes in. They explain the different companies in detail, and it is about much more than just the prices that each one charges. Each company has their own kind of plans with different rates, and this site explains each one so it is easier to choose the company that you want for your energy needs.

For me, price is important, but the environment is as well. I like saving money, but I refuse to do that if the company is not in some way helping the environment out. This site has all the ways that each provider helps the community. Some of it is through environmental programs, which I really like. However, I also found out that some of these energy companies are extremely involved in the communities that they serve. I ended up going with an energy company that gives back to the community with charity work, and that in turn helps the environment too, all while I save money each month!

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