The importance of Botanic Gardens

gt13Botanic gardens are park like areas with well labeled plants on display. They may be supplemented by garden sculptures and fountains and ponds. Botanic gardens in various parts of the country will feature and support a large variety of growing matter.

An interesting feature of some botanic gardens will be topiaries formed either by trimming growing plants or by encouraging growing plants to grow over a framework. You can see examples of these topiaries many places, such as Green Animals in Rhode Island, in the USA.

Botanic gardens can accompany zoos. Sometimes you may see the term zoological garden and then you will know that not only are plants featured with appropriate information, but also animals will play some part in the experience. A botanic garden may have a certain feature or theme that is carried out throughout.

If the plantings are out of doors the botanic gardens will have to proceed with plants that are climatologically suited for the area. There may be one or more conservatory on the premises to protect and shelter plants that need different growing conditions. The Como Park Zoo near Minneapolis, Minnesota has such a conservatory.

Botanic gardens may have arid desert plants or they may be totally tropical. They support the improved propagation of new plant varieties and provide a wonderful experience for fans of growing things. Many large cities have botanic gardens and can really enrich the experiences of both residents of the area and tourists who come to visit.

Botanical gardens can be wonderful places to host cultural events. Orchestra performances, and fund raising dinners are often well set in such an environment. Growing things also provide great backdrops for fashion shows.

Visit botanic gardens, and see cacti and succulents or great tropical palms. Walk among the butterflies and birds.  This is an opportunity to enjoy some of the greatest beauties of nature. Botanic gardens make a great addition to a tour or vacation any time of the year.

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