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Tree Removal Tips

Trees play many roles, some of them being moderating the climate, providing shade and habitat for many animals. They have many branches that are supported by a trunk from the ground and some species can grow up to several meters high. Sometimes we find very large tree in our backyard that we need to remove. We can either work on it or pay a company to start the tree removal process. But there are several factors to put into consideration.


Below are some important factors to consider before tree removal.
• Proximity to your house: Some trees are really close to the house and in such cases extra care should be taken to avoid any loss of property while removing the tree.
• Trees that stretch to the neighbors: Most trees overgrow and overhang to the neighbor’s property. It will be polite to consult with the neighbor or go through the local bylaws to see what they say about the tree removal.
• Debris: Trees have lots of debris after being cut down that need disposal. It is important to know how to dispose off the debris if you are doing it yourself or get a company that has an on-site shredder to cut down on the disposal costs.
• Additional Cost: If the tree is close to the power lines, adjacent structures or if it’s too big, you will need expertise while carrying out the job thus incur more cost of removal. Other cases that can increase the cost are if the tree is dead or has harmful insects such as bees or wasps.
• Underground hazards: If the stump too needs to be removed, you need to confirm if there are any gas lines, cables or sewages pipes running underneath to avoid damages.
• Insurance: If you hire a company to carry out the work, make sure it has an Insurance coverage in case there might be any injury or property damage to you, the manpower or even your neighbors.
• Local bylaws: There must be some bylaws regarding tree removal in your area; make sure you are compliant with them before you proceed.

A Few Things to note:
If you are going to do it yourself make sure you have all the right tools, equipment and enough manpower to finish up all the work. Choose a day that favors your work plan and avoid working on windy, rainy or snowy days that will make the removal process complicated. All in all, plan ahead of time and don’t under estimate the work at hand.

If you are looking out to hire a company before settling on one, get quotations from at least three reputable tree removal companies. Then choose one that best fits you in terms of reliability, efficiency and affordability. Hiring a tree removal company will lessen your worries on permits, underground hazards, disposal of debris, manpower, insurance etc. Go for a reputable company altogether. So go ahead don’t let that big tree pose a danger to you, your property or your neighbor’s property. Consider the above factors and get the work done.

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